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Lou Rye may be best known for his Blues, like One Way Love, which usually rocks the house, but he is actually a very eclectic and talented musician. His live act showcases ninety percent original material with the rest bearing his unique signature. Lou’s high-energy Blues performances are heartfelt, attesting to his deep identification with the soul of the music.

Lou has lived and played in New York City’s Greenwich Village, connecting with musicians like Al Cooper, Mike Bloomfield, BB King and Richie Havens. “I knew Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. I met Hendrix at a laundromat; we hung out occasionally,” recalls Lou. “Bob Dylan lived on Fifth Street and we played the Gaslight and Whiskey a Go Go in New York’s East Village.”

In the late 80s, The Lou Rye All Stars, gigged with musicians like Bill Stewart (ex Ronnie Hawkins) and Jorge Reyes (ex Carlos Santana). Since then Lou has set up contingents of his band in Detroit, Michigan, Ottawa, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to his well-honed Chicago style of Blues, Lou has produced some excellent Soft Rock tunes like Golden Day. One of his most well-known songs is his Smooth Jazz version of Visions of Love. One of my personal favorites is Lou Rye’s col-sm-ish/New Age song, Gypsy’s Lament. It may be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

All of Lou Rye’s songs have a spirit of their own given birth by Lou’s love for life and the spirit. When he plays one of his World Music/ Meditation songs like Morning Raga, let go and feel the music flow through you, soothing your very essence. That might sound a little crazy, but wait until you’ve had a rough day at work, you head out to relax and up on stage is Lou Rye. When he starts playing a Raga or his song Gaea, you can’t help but feel better.

Take a look at Lou Rye’s Discography to see his musical releases and to sample some of his awesome music. If you want more of the specific types of music I mentioned above, click on some of the individual links below. I know you’re going to like it. Enjoy!

The Editor
, LouRye.com

With Sonny Rhodes

September 2007 Royal Hotel in Fernie, BC; 
December 2007 Grey Eagle Casino, Calgary

Lou Rye and The Lou Rye All Stars had the privilege of backing up “The Great Texas Bluesman” Sonny Rhodes and as usual, brought down the house.

Nominated for the World Music category 
in the 
2001 Detroit Metro Times Music Awards

North Bay Nugget

One listen and your ears will never be the same. Lou Rye is the Blues. For over 20 years he has delivered funky Blues melodies laced with New Orleans and Chicago-based influences. Rarely content to do the obvious, Lou plays guitar riffs reminiscent of BB King and Carlos Santana and rearranges standard Blues material into no-nonsense, high-powered Rythym and Blues send-ups. His original material hints at his love for Blues artist, Etta James. As one listens and hears his English and Continental European influences, it becomes clear that his ambition is to squeeze new ideas into familiar areas.

Lou has worked with a ton of different line-ups including Jorge Reyes (who worked percussion with Santana for two years during his World Tour of ’79 to ’81, also with the Platters, Supremes and Johnny Mathis). Frank Rossi, Tim Prothero, Peter Jay, Darryl Day, Bill Stewart, Matthew Whitehead and Peter Bailey are also some of the outstanding musicians who contributed to Lou’s performances in northern Ontario.
Claire Paiement and Frank Rossi 1991

Phenomenews 1997 – Lou Rye
: “One Who Brings the Love and the Light”

Lou Rye is a guitarist with a resonating, beautiful voice. Like a cello, his voice is wide and has a lot of presence. He accurately represents the styles he plays….from Far East Indian Ragas, to mainstream pop tunes, Blues and most especially his own compositions. With an excess of 120 of his own songs/compositions, his music is emotional and performed with high energy. Lou is an international artist, having played all over the world. All of this lends itself to his ability of sharing his emotional experiences with his audiences. Seek him out and grasp the opportunity to travel with his voice and guitar through the emotions of life, of Lou Rye. And, by the way, his given name, “Lutz” means “one who brings Love and Light”. (optimist)…..
Kurt Kunzat

Lou Rye
: Letting the Song Sing You

Some people are born as musical souls. This inner force drives them through life seeking some musical fulfillment with instrument and voice. This describes Lou Rye.

Over the years, Lou created original compositions in Blues, Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock, Ballads and New Age Ragas. And while living in the Northern Ontario area and playing with various bands, his music caught the attention of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Wolf Hesse, CBCs northern talent scout, recorded and aired an hour of Lou’s compositions. Two Blues, three Ballads and one East Indian Raga. “The technicians and others in the studio were blown away”, said Lou, “They said I should write more New Age music.” Lou calls his Ragas, healing music. His Indian music teacher said to him “The guitar sings…..The guitar is your voice, so say something.” And Lou does just that.
Larry Price

Lou Rye
: Entertainer
, Singer-Songwriter

Covering predominantly mainstream soft rock and pop with excursions into Blues and Jazz. Lou Rye matches his versatile guitar playing with a resonating baritone. Lou’s heartfelt, high-energy performance does justice to his material, especially his original compositions. Lou makes you feel “there” with his music. Seek him out. Grasp the opportunity to travel with his unmistakable voice and guitar through the emotions of life.
Tom Kuzma